Customized Survival Checklist of Things You’ll Need If We’re Headed for WWIII


    war-1911177_640 Our government is once again on the brink of a potential war, with missiles being fired at military targets in Syria. There’s a real possibility that other nations (North Korea, Russia, etc.) get involved and we end up headed toward World War III. If so, do you and your family have what you’ll need in the event that we become entangled in a disastrous mess?

    The problem with most “prepping” articles about what you need when in these scenarios, is they take a one-size-fits-all approach. People already living deep in the woods don’t need to identify a bug out location as much as those in an urban setting and those in an urban setting aren’t going to need the kind of tools someone in the woods needs. BUT the Guru has you covered, with these handy checklists, one for each scenario. If you don’t quite live in a high rise and aren’t quite living off the land either, then make your own customized list using items from both lists below to fit your circumstances.

    Urban Check List

    1.) Gasoline – Many experts suggest identifying a “bug out location” but if you can’t get to your bug out location because you don’t have enough gasoline to get there and gas stations are all out, your location is useless. In uncertain times, try to keep your tank close to full and store it in a safe location.


    2.) Bullion – As history has shown, gold and silver will be the currency of choice if the economy falters. However, 10 ounce bars aren’t going to do you much good and even the ever-popular 1 ounce coins can cause problems. Consider that one ounce of silver is worth around $18 today, and imagine you want to buy a loaf of bread. Well, you’re going to get ripped off or be stuck buying more bread than you need in a bartering situation. This is why silver in smaller denominations can be especially helpful to have on hand. Remember, before our government lost its way, our currency contained real silver, so you can easily get your hands on coins made before 1964 which contain 90% silver. In fact, if you’ve been keeping a change jar for years, sift through it now for older coins and hold them aside.

    3.) Bentonite Clay – In a prepping situation, versatile items become king and bentonite clay tops that list. It can be used as a first aid tool, it can provide limited nutrients, and be used to help detoxify. Read more about bentonite clay here.

    4.) Specialty Foods/Supplements – Are you gluten free? Only eat organic? Have allergies? In times of uncertainty you may not have the luxury of being picky, so have what you need on hand just in case. Live near a nuclear power plant? Iodine is a must to protect against thyroid cancer.

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    5.) Weapons – If stuff REALLY hits the fan, you’ll want something to defend your home, especially when word gets out that you have plenty of items like #1-4 on this checklist. Desperate people do desperate things and you need to be prepared.

    6.) Secondary Light Source – Candles, flashlights, backup generators are all great options. If your local power plant goes down, you don’t want to be left in the dark.

    7.) Colloidal Silver – Silver bullion isn’t the only silver you’ll want. The liquid supplement version will help you ward off bacteria and viruses. Remember, in high-stress situations, your immune system is more susceptible to bugs. Living around lots of stressed out and panicked people, during a time when hospitals might be overloaded, you’re going to want colloidal silver in your first aid kit both for preventive and reactive purposes.

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    Already Bugged Out Check List

    1.) Home Defense – As things are getting hectic for folks in the city, the only visitors you’ll want on your property are friends and family escaping the craziness. Before getting the “you were right” satisfaction from welcome visitors who are seeking your home as a sanctuary, you’ll want to make sure you’re set up to stop unwanted guests from coming in. Do you have a gate? Is your gate easily penetrated? A strong gate at the end of your driveway, weapons, a hidden safe, and a security system are things you’ll already want in place.

    2.) A Protected Garden – While others are relying on processed food scraps from the grocery store, you want to be relying on your self as a food source. Gardening is a surefire way to make sure you can produce food in difficult times, but making sure you can defend it, is just as important. If your garden isn’t within site of your home, you’ll want some sort of security system or surveillance (even a canine) to protect it as well.

    3.) Bentonite Clay – In a prepping situation, versatile items become king and bentonite clay tops that list. It can be used as a first aid tool, it can provide limited nutrients, and be used to help detoxify.

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    4.) Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – Like Bentonite Clay, it’s incredibly versatile and you’ll especially appreciate its ability to inexpensively ward off insects and other pests who may be eyeing your garden.

    5.) An Escape Route – While the likelihood of you bugging out is significantly less than those in an urban setting, it’s always good to have a hidden escape route. If you just have a long driveway that goes to your home and is your only real access on and off your property. Ask yourself what you’d do if you needed to leave your home and you weren’t able to access that driveway for a number of reasons.

    6.) Essential Oils – Another item making the list for versatility sake, oils can be used in first aid, to ward off insects, to supplement, and more. An added benefit is they’re small and easily stored, so add some to your home today.

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