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Natural Pest Control for Your Home and Garden



Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is one of the best natural pest control products on the market. The powdery substance is a powder that comes from fossilized diatoms (aquatic organisms) found in sedentary deposits of streams and rivers. The skeleton of the diatoms is made of silica, a substance that reacts with air and water to form silicon dioxide, or diatomaceous Earth.

How it Works

Diatomaceous Earth absorbs moisture and fats from the exoskeleton of the bugs. Its microscopic and sharp edges help to penetrate their bodies, dehydrating and killing them. It only works when dry and needs to be reapplied if it gets wet.

How to Use it

In the Garden – Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around your plants to prevent bugs from eating your crop.

On Your Pets – Diatomaceous Earth can help prevent mite type pests like fleas. Simply rub into your dry pets’ fur, or sprinkle into your chicken’s dirt bath. DE can also be taken eternally to help combat intestinal worms. Sprinkle DE into dog food and chicken feed to ensure your pets are worm-free.

In Your Home – If you are dealing with pests in your home, DE can be one of your greatest allies in combating any infestation. Sprinkle DE under beds, between your mattress and box spring to prevent fleas and bed bugs. Sprinkle DE in you cupboards or your food storage boxes to prevent weebles and other pantry pests. You can even mix food grade DE into your flour and pasta.

Personal Use – Food grade Diatomaceous Earth can also help your body rid intestinal parasites. Simply mix a tablespoon of DE into your filtered drinking water and drink a glass a day.

Additional Tips

Make sure you do not breathe in the powder when you are applying it to your home or yard – it can cause lung damage. Make sure you are standing up-wind and that you sprinkle close to the surface to prevent a lot of DE dust from forming. Some people use parmesan cheese dispensers to apply DE around their home.

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