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New Research: If You Work in an Office Your Trash Collector is Likely Happier Than You


go outside gardenMore and more studies are coming out all the time about mood disorders, depression, rising stress levels, and so on.

Big pharma offers many “solutions” for these issues, but what if the real solution is more simple, and free?

Loads of studies like this one are coming out that say that simply being outside in nature for even 5 minutes a day can have a massively positive effect on your mood, which in turn affects your health and well-being.

In the UK, it’s been found that those who work in farming, fishing, and forest industries are quantifiably happier than the rest of the populace. Using a measure of 20 different factors of overall well-being, they were surprised to find that those who spent time outdoors as part of their work, even in the waste management sectors, ranked happier than most people.

Even artists and performers who are paid to entertain others ranked lower in job satisfaction than those whose work required them to spend regular time outside.

Why? Let’s look to our ancestors for the answer.

Up until a few generations ago, most people spent a lot of time outside just to ensure their comfort and survival.

Gardens weren’t about artisinal tomatoes or leeks (as much as we love those), they were about getting enough to eat, period. Work was back-breaking, but then, people on average had much stronger backs, too!

With the industrial era, people were invited into cities to work in warehouses and operate machines, and this seemed to be a major improvement on the whole. Then technology took over, and factory lines were replaced by computers.

Nowadays, the majority of sunshine and exercise that people get is walking to and from their car to their air-conditioned home or office.

Modern humans now sit so much that the latest studies have researchers saying “sitting is the new smoking”–it’s THAT bad for our health.

You’d think we have more free time now, thanks to technology–but the truth is, we’re just expected to be hideously more productive than ever before, complete with round-the-clock availability via text, phone, or email.

We’ve gotten so connected with modern living that we’ve disconnected from nature and the simple things in life. You know, those little things that keep us happy and optimistic.

There’s even a new branch of therapy called “horticultural therapy”–and yes, it means gardening. They’re using gardening to calm and heal stroke victims, drug rehab patients, and prison inmates. Just observing a garden can be beneficial, and getting your hands dirty is even better.

They’ve even found a specific microbe in soil that acts as an antidepressant when it’s absorbed through our skin!

Still not convinced to shut off the screen and go outside?

What if I told you you’ll sleep better, see better, even age better??

Check out these nine ways going outside will improve your life! 

Editors note: Please reduce, reuse, and recycle! – Cat

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