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How To build an Underground Oven in Ten Simple Steps


I love Survival Lilly! She always knows how to make a tutorial video, educational, and entertaining. Watch how she hilariously shows us how to build an underground oven in just ten easy steps.

How To

Step one, train dog to clear area.
Step two, finish digging hole.
Step three, place stone pieces on bottom and sides of hole. As well as a piece to cover the top of the oven.
Step four, chop wood.
Step five, take a break to play with dog.
Step six, build mini log cabin on top of oven and light on fire. Once well lit, push into oven.
Step seven, keep adding wood until oven is burning really good.
Step eight, let fire burn down, and place stones on hot coals, place sausages on stones, and cover oven with large stone.
Step nine, wait 15 minutes. Play with dog.
Step ten, lift large stone cover off, eat, and enjoy sausage with dog.

OK, if you don’t have a dog it’s really more like 8 steps.

We can learn many things watching Survival Lilly’s YouTube channel. If you have some time, click around to see what you haven’t learned yet. She is always introducing me to new things. Paste your favorite video of hers in the comments!

When we take time to watch and learn from others, it gives us the opportunity, to retain information, that may help us in the future. I look forward to watching many more of her videos. I have definitely subscribed!

Check out these photos for inspiration:

underground oven 7 underground oven 6 underground oven5 underground oven 4 underground oven3 underground oven2 underground oven

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