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New Study: ALL Pregnant Women Need A Doula


every woman doula birthBirth has traditionally been an event of women coming together to care for and attend to each other.

In modern times, however, birth is viewed as a medical event, and we’ve largely gotten away from women supporting women–which is why we need doulas!

A new study states that doulas should attend ALL births, especially low-income and single mothers who are at higher risk for pre-term births and other complications.

A doula provides emotional and physical support and evidence-based information for an expecting mother, both before and during her labor. Doulas have been shown to help both parents, and their role in birth is unequivocally supported by research.

Doulas make a huge difference in the way women experience birth.

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In a culture where experts are sought after and deferred to, in a country where 99% of women give birth in hospitals, with highly trained obstetricians…where does a doula fit in?

Research has shown again and again that having a doula present can drastically shorten the duration of a mother’s labor, and can lead to better health outcomes for both mothers and babies. It’s not recommended to give birth without one!

Women who hire a doula report less pain, fear, and stress both during their births and afterward. Even dads/partners report a higher degree of satisfaction with the birthing experience when doulas are used.

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Doulas are becoming more common and sought after by pregnant women, which is wonderful news.

Statistics show that the single most effective thing you can do to have a shorter and less painful labor, and minimize your risk of unnecessary interventions is to hire a doula!

In a culture where we’ve all but lost our mothering traditions – doulas are a step toward healing that wound.

A doula can be a woman’s trail guide in unfamiliar territory, but they cannot carry her every step of the way, even if it were possible to do so.

Birth is ultimately a woman’s own journey to travel, and doulas are an invaluable help.

For more info about natural and gentle childbirth, check out RethinkBirth.com. To find a doula in your local area, go to DoulaMatch.com.


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