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Off Grid City Living In A Retro Pop Top Camper


Lilly Lovehart Kemp lives in a retro pop up tent in the back yard of a friend’s house. By moving into a pop up tent she was able to save about 75% on her monthly rent.

She parks in a garden, lives in her own home, and lives very close to town. She has the best of both worlds, city living, and full time camping!

The inside of her pop up camper is decorated in fresh and bright colors.  There is enough room for her full sized bed, small kitchen, and seating area. She has storage underneath the bed and seat.

She is able to move her home with her as she travels for work or to see her family. She can also tow it behind her small vehicle. Without her pop up tent, she would not have been able to become a homeowner for a very long time.

She says that living in a small space has transformed her from an untidy person to a super tidy person!  The small space gets cluttered easily, so she has learned to pick up after herself relatively immediately.

Lilly’s biggest complaint is that she cannot fit a full wardrobe full of clothing in the small space. She put in new hardwood floors, bunting, wall paper, and hanging plants to make her pop-up camper feel like “home”.

She even has a solar panel which powers her “power bank” and provides her with power in-house. It takes her a full day to charge the batteries, and it lasts for half a week. She got the solar panel for $61 of “trade me”.  She is able to power her radio, phone, and most importantly her lights!

So Lilly has completely reduced her electric bill to $0 a month!  She also uses gas to power her stove and refrigerator.

For Lilly, this pop up camper is a dream come true!


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