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New Year New Life , Creating New Ritutals Instead of New Years Resolutions with Tony Robbins


New Years Resolutions

2017 is here, are you setting a new years resolution? Are you happy with your life? Is your homestead thriving? Are you? T

his is a great time of year to decide what areas of your life you want to improve, and take serious action toward change! New Years Resolutions are known to be broken, but we homesteaders know how important it is to create and enact a plan NOW in order to achieve results later.

If you want a full abundant garden this summer, you should begin to prepare your soil and starters now. If you want to start raising livestock, you have to make sure your property is set up to house them before you bring them home.

Start New Rituals

Whether you are planning to transition to solar, get goats, expand your vegetable garden to permaculture trees, or use more natural health products, you have to build new routines and rituals NOW so that you may accomplish these goals later.

The rituals I plan to enact (Catherine), are home cooked meals (including sack lunches for day trips), daily movement for the entire family (hikes, yoga, swimming, etc..), and to master indoor herb gardening inside of our converted school bus.  I am sure I will add more over the next few days!

What rituals do you plan to enact on your homestead this 2017?

It Takes a Plan!

Homesteading takes planning and massive action. So does life in general. This video is a great way to bring in the new year and can be applied to your life as a gardener, natural parent, or off grid survivalist.

Tony Tobbins is a Peak Performance Coach. He helps you to unlock and unleash the forces inside you to take your life to the next level. You can check out his website here.

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