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New Tool Allows You to Split Your Kindling With Ease


Building a fire from hand-cut wood is no longer an exhausting process.  No kindling? No problem!  This kindling splitter allows you to cut your own kindling with easy.

kindling splitter

Simply set up the Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter, insert the log you want to split, and whack with a mallet.

Kindling splitter 2

This easy and safe method of splitting kindling involves no sharp or moving parts and requires less force than a standard axe.

Kindling Splitter 4

The creator of this product is a school age child who started winning science fairs in New Zealand. The product has now earned multiple international recognition from International TeenBusiness, Google and Scientific American.

You can buy yours here. As of right now, the product is on sale for $99 with free shipping.

kindling splitter 5 Kindling Splitter 6 Kindling Splitter 7 kindling splitter 8


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