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DIY Fire Powered Hot Tub


Winter is here folks! Which means ’tis the season for wrapping up in blankets or cuddling by the fireplace with a significant other! One man has thought outside the box and created his own DIY fire powered hot tub.

Most households don’t have a new hot tub written into their budget, yet nearly everyone would love to put one in their backyard. With a little bit of work, craftsmanship, and a significantly smaller amount of money than a conventional hot tub would cost, you too could be relaxing in your own backyard hot tub.

The video from homemade-modern.com does an excellent job showing the ins and outs of the project, and even includes some tips on how to improve their design.

DIY Fire Powered Hot Tub Video:

This is a really cool project, not just because it is a DIY hot tub, but because it is also eco-friendly. This tub could be made and used off-grid no problem, making it a great choice for homesteaders living without traditional electricity or someone looking to be more sustainable.

Have fun and relax with this sustainable luxury, just remember to cut enough firewood first!

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