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20 Uses For Breast Milk I Bet You Didn’t Know


I haven’t had kids yet but I do know the value of breastmilk at least as far as a food source for the baby is concerned. I decided to look into this because a good friend of mine is pregnant, lactating and about to have her baby. What I found was startling, here’s a list of 20 things people use breast milk for!

1) Break Up Tumors.

Recent studies show that breast milk taken instead of cancer treatment helps to break up tumors and allow your body to flush them from itself through urine.

2) Ear Infection

Infections are common in infants and Mom’s are known to put three or four drops in the entrance to each ear a day until infections clear

3) Clear Acne

Supposedly wetting your face with breast milk and allowing it to dry will help with acne.

4) Tooth Pain

For teething babies, mom freeze breast milk in popsicles that provide soothing relief.


5) Diaper Rash

Apply breastmilk to a diaper rash and allow it to dry completely before adding a new diaper.

6) Heal Cuts and Scrapes

Just apply like neosporin

7) Cheese

There are actually breast milk cheese makers out there.

8) Eye discharge

For babies with difficult eye ducts, Mom’s use breast milk to clear up small infections.

9) Sore Nipples

The soothing nature of breast milk isn’t just for babies, it helps when you use it as lotion on sore nipples.

10) Baby Food

When weaning baby off of milk, a lot of Mom’s blend in breast milk to make the transition easier.

11) Excema:

Used topically can help heal excema in kids

12) Bug Bites:

Perfect for soothing mosquito or spider bites!

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13) Sunburn

Applied like aloe to sun-burnt skin, provides relief while protecting the skin.

14) Jewelry

There are kits available that allow any mom to make her milk into a keepsake.

15) Immune System Booster

Have a cold? Consume some fresh breast milk for immune support.

16) Stretch Marks

Mom’s swear by using their own breast milk to fix and prevent stretch marks.

17) Soap

Like goat milk, breast milk can be used to make soap.

18) Pink Eye and Other Infections

Breast milk has antibiotic properties and can be used to treat a wide variety of mild infections.

19) Ice Cream

Substitute for milk in ice cream recipes.

20) Donation

There are milk banks you can donate to so babies can take advantage of a surplus when their Mom’s are unable to provide for their needs.

I don’t know about you but this list surprised me and raised my respect even more for the duty that is motherhood. Do you know of any uses not listed here? Share them in the comments!

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Bidan Desa
4 years ago

Yes, everyone already knows, if breast milk has many benefits. But they don’t necessarily know what the benefits of breastfeeding are …

Thank you for the information that is very useful for us ..


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