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Introducing The BIOSCARF: Giving You Style & Protection!


There is now a scarf that is more effective at filtering pollution than health masks and is also stylish when worn. Introducing BIOSCARF!

The first scarf with protection built right in!

BIOSCARF helps protect you from many of the germs that cause colds and influenza and from the airborne contaminants associated with air pollution more commonly referred to as PM 2.5.

BIOSCARF was founded by Peter Carlton Solle and is based in Georgia. Peter and his company are revolutionizing the way we protect ourselves by filtering contaminates we face daily from germs, air pollutants, and more all with style and fashion in mind.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk. UNICEF estimates that over 2 billion children are breathing toxic air.  Vehicle emissions, fossil fuel use, burning trash, and dust all combine to make a dangerous mix of chemicals that leave millions of people at risk for respiratory disease.

The US government testing standards for respirators are considered the toughest in the world, so the creators decided to hire the premiere FDA approved facility to put the BIOSCARF to the test.

Nelson Labs performed the tests that they perform on normal masks and respirators, and the BIOSCARF outperformed some of the most of the popular masks on the market today with a 99.75% average filtration efficiency! You can see the test results for yourself by clicking here.

Get Protected Today!

Sustainability is also a priority for BIOSCARF, as their material is made out of post-consumer recycled PET water bottles and their signature labels are made from recycled PVC. Another example of their commitment to sustainability is with the manufacturing of high-quality products that are built to last and won’t need to be replaced.

If you live in a high pollution area or even just want to stay protected during flu season, this scarf is perfect for you. Feel safe in knowing that you are protected and your air is filtered everywhere you go. You can purchase them here on their website: www.bioscarf.com.


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