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3D Solar Design 20X More Powerful Than Traditional Panels


A More Powerful Design

These new 3D solar panels are designed to capture the suns rays as it moves lower on the horizon.

3d solar panel

Developed by MIT researchers, this new solar design provides four to twenty times the power output of the typical flat panel model.

After using computer algorithms to test hypothetical weather, altitude, and seasonal differences, the research team tested three different designs on the roof of the MIT lab. Read the peer reviewed study here.

Big Results

The results were astounding!  With a 3D design, the solar panels were able to provide a more consistent output of energy over time, despite varying cloud patterns.

3d solar panel

These tests were possible for mainstream implementation because the cost of silicon solar technology has reduced greatly in price over the last decade.

The 3D designs will still continue to cost more than their flat counter parts due to a more complex manufacturing and installation process. Their increase efficiency will more than pay for the extra costs.

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