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Book a Consult with one of our team today!

Catherine Bleish is the Chief Storyteller at the Homestead Guru.
Catherine has lived in a converted school bus for four years and can advise you on all things tiny living. Her passion is travelling the world, vising intentional communities, ecovillages, urban farms, tiny houses, and other forms of alternative living. She has interviewed these communities to figure out what is working and what is is not. If your dream is to move to the woods with a group of your friends, be sure to talk to Catherine first so you can gain insight from her extensive travels through North America and Europe.

Catherine became an expert in whole life detox after a brown recluse tried to take her down. It took Catherine three years to remove the systemic sources of toxicity from her life. She has developed modalities to help you detox your home, mind, emotions, mind, relationships and body.
Catherine has been a vocal advocate for homeschooling, unschooling, and life lead learning. For eight years she has followed this path with her two small children, while learning from her wiser elders who have walked this path before. Catherine has given homeschooling talks at events such as Anarchapulco, Rethinking Everything, and the Porcupine Freedom Festival.
Featured on CNN, Fox News, Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory, Yahoo Travel, and many other local and national publications, Catherine is a renowned activist and leader in the sovereign living movement.
Finally, Catherine is a MASTER of digital publishing and online entrepreneurship. If you wan to transition away from your 9-5 and start working for yourself, learn how you can create a movement behind your homesteading / off grid journey.
Work with Catherine:
Are you stressed out, overburdened and seeking a change? Catherine Can help you to DETOX your entire life so that you may find clarity, direction, and the momentum to create the life of your dreams!
  • Whole Life Detox (Home, Health, Relationships)
  • Living Tiny (Four Years in a Converted School Bus)
  • Natural Health (Juicing, Yoga, Fasting)
  • Parenting (Conscious Unschooling, Peaceful Parenting)

$50/1-hr session or $150/4 sessions